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If you are hunting for your dream flat in Chennai, you must surely know the steps to make your dream flat come true for your family.

What are the steps that are to be followed before buying flats in Chennai?


Is it easy to buy flats for sale in Chennai? Of course, not. It is one of the difficult tasks to invest a huge amount in a proper place. People are generally worried thinking about the loss they face if they make any mistake before investing. It is genuine to get worried, after all you are spending a big amount of your savings or you might have taken a home loan for your flat and that the flat is your dream home. Right?

Wouldn’t it be profitable for you, if you get to know what are the steps to be followed before you buy flats for sale in Chennai? Obviously it would be. So just scroll down and check out the steps:

·         Firstly, make a note of your requirements for your flat such as area, budget and number of rooms you want.

·         Quote your flat according to carpet area and not by its super area, super area includes lobby, staircase and elevator.

·         Check the legality of the place. It is very important to know whether the apartment in which you are buying a flat is legalized by the government.

·         Check the name of the seller properly and go by the original documents only so that the seller cannot cheat you and you may not face any trouble.

·         Many big complex builders advertise “sample flats on display” don’t go by sample flats. These model flats are just to attract you; the actual flat may not have the same furnishings. The expensive tiles and glass used in sample flats will be provided only if you pay extra.

·         To avoid trouble at the time of registration of the flat in your name, ensure that the builder/seller has all the permits like land use permit, clearance from the water board, electricity board.

·         Know the features and specification of the building.

·         Know the add on expenses related to the flat. Expenses like parking space, membership for clubs, stamp duty, registration charge, and maintenance charge.

·         Talk to neighbors about the area and also about the flat you are planning to buy, because the seller may fool you.

·         Inspect the place carefully, take the help of your family, show them the place and discuss with them before your final the deal. If you are taking an old flat, know the reason behind old resident leaving the place.

·         Explore the surrounding area so that you the convenience of your office, school, and shops.

·         Last but not the least, know about the price properly. Know the rate of the area and also the note if the facilities of the building worth the price of the flat.

With the help of these steps, you will surely choose good flats for sale in Chennai, for yourself and your family.